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Star Plastic Surgery Before and After: January 2013

MIAMI, Sept. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Over one year ago, a Miami plastic surgeon conducted an experiment on himself in order to create a mini-documentary to educate the public on fillers, aesthetics and state-of-the-art plastic surgery. Today The Maercks Institute announced that as a result of this experiment, permanent results are being obtained with a unique application Hyaluronic acid fillers that are generally thought of as short-lived solutions.

The Maercks Institute is the brain child of internationally renowned Dr. Rian A. Maercks, an exceptional plastic surgeon with a knack for seeing beyond the status quo. One of his many contributions is his concept of "Aesthetic Facial Balancing (AFB)." This concept makes Dr. Maercks extremely resistant to applying techniques, devices and materials in industry or FDA indicated manners. "The FDA says you can fill a wrinkle in the skin by applying a 'dermal' filler. Well with few exceptions, no filler should ever be placed in the dermis and a tube of fill should never be placed under a wrinkle ( )."

AFB is based on Dr. Maercks' belief that "Patients should walk away from an aesthetic intervention with an aesthetic improvement, not just less lines in their face, " he adds. "And as you know, I do not believe wrinkles themselves to actually be aesthetic problems." Dr. Maercks coined the phrase to reflect the idea that fillers should create or restore a harmony in the way the features of the face work together to create the impression of beauty or youth in the perceiver's consciousness. To achieve this kind of result, skill, insight, judgment and much more volume is required than filling a wrinkle or 'augmenting' a lip.

Maercks explains, "Early in my practice I had some difficulty explaining why I needed to inject at least six milliliters of fill into my average first time patient when they were prepared for maybe one or two. I decided to film myself balancing my own face, and used thirty-five milliliters to prove that the disastrous results we see on celebrities and the public are not the result of 'going too far, ' it is the result of poorly executed intervention." Indeed Maercks was left looking like a happier and younger version of himself with no signs of intervention. ( )

Today, the most commonly asked question is 'how long is this rather costly intervention going to last?' Dr. Maercks' explanation is intriguing. "Sodium Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) is not only the singly exclusive safe off-the shelf filler [all others are frankly dangerous], it is also the most permanent. I expect a degradation of the sodium hyaluronate I use, Perlane or Juvederm Ultra Plus to occur at 30-40% per year but importantly the process of degradation involves local stem cell activation and production of new healthy vascular tissue." This process leads to a replacement of some of the volume created by the sodium hyaluronate with new healthy vascular tissue.

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It would be nice if my doc was given some $$$

I'm on MediCare and I feel horrible that they get paid so little for seeing me.
I've always said if I ever hit the lottery the first people I'd take care of is my doctors for being such a sport all this time and seeing me even though they hardly get anything for doing so.
I'm sure there's some doctors living the high life, like the celebrity plastic surgeons, etc., but they are the exception not the rule.
And don't forget most doctors have a spouse that earn a decent income so you'd begrudge them all of living anything other than in low income /middle income housing?
I know contractors, mechanics, etc, that live better than my doctors do

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People Mag - Plastic Surgery

Have you all seen the latest People Magazines in the grocery stores yet? The cover story is about celebrity plastic surgery - it is amazing to see these distorted faces and bodies of these people. Marie Osmond is a train wreck of note. I am so lucky to love my face & body including my blemishes, a-cups, wrinkles, and fat and not feel the need to go under the knife. The human eye/brain is so perceptive. Even though these faces are wrinkle free with full lips - their years are still apparent. Is there something that plastic surgeons have yet to narrow in on the face? Maybe it has to do with fat

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Miami Plastic Surgeon
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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best plastic surgeon miami
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Miami Plastic surgeon- plastic surgery book

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